The Wheel

Menu / Children's

Food Served:

Monday: 6pm - 9pm

Tuesday - Saturday:
12pm - 3pm & 6pm - 9pm

Sunday: 12pm - 3pm

Please note, no food is served on Sunday evenings.

Please note, these dishes are only available on weekdays and Saturdays.
See the Sunday menu for kids meals on a Sunday.


Chicken Goujons


Served with fries and peas



Five meatballs and pasta shaped cars, trains and planes

Sausages and Fries


Local sausage with fries and baked beans

Fish Fingers


Served with fries and peas

Ham and Egg


Smoked ham served with one egg and fries

Chicken Burger


Served with fries


We offer a selection of deserts from our deserts board.


Please note. Menus are subject to availability and seasonal change.